On the server, Lore is employed for entertainment purposes. A general storyline guides the server and gives purpose to build stuff that "gets converted in to useful things later".

Lore is divided in to time periods of different servers.

First ServerEdit

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The first server is where Mezgohem and Relytes were created. They made a seven-hour-long journey south to where Imperia and Sparofield now lie.

Second ServerEdit

The second server is quite alienated to the First and Third. It takes little place in lore apart from having been the location of Geogzm, Tyler and Soduhjah's desert raider town, Osamaville.

Third ServerEdit

The third server is where Lore began to be "recorded". Tyler and Geogzm founded Imperia and Geogzm founded Sparofield (now under Soduhjian rule)