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The 51G Tower

51G Tower was the tallest building in the First Server. It was the HQ of 51G Mining Corporation. A sign was adorned on the exterior, reading:

"Kool Kidz Klub

No gurlz allowde"

On May 28th, the 51G Tower was damaged heavily in a TNT accident. Due to a very low rate of usage, it was simply abandoned.


Ground Floor: Crafting bench, chest.

First Floor: CQ Redstone Testing.

Second Floor: Geogzm's office.

Third Floor: Planning Room/Lounge

Fourth Floor: Roof Access

After the fourth floor, players can access the roof and the spire of the tower. The spire is extremely dangerous as it is easy to fall off of the ladder and ultimately die.


The 51G tower was built at the end of the first day, May 23rd. Geogzm built it out of boredom and decided it would suit fit for 51G's needs. The tower was constantly added on to. On May 28th it was destroyed. The remains of the tower, 28th May 11:07.


51G Tower is located about 120 blocks east of Tylerville, and is built right on top of Frostmourne Peak. Shaft B lies below. It is visible from the Salam Coast.